Product Descriptions

Product Descriptions

A clear and well written product is vital for two reasons. The first is that the more well written the content the better ranking it will receive. The second is that clear product descriptions give potential customers a better understanding of the product. This is especially important in today’s world of complex consumer electronics and environmental and health concerns.

Clear well written product descriptions are recognized by us to be fundamental to building a following of loyal customers and increasing Google ranking. To this end Up Arrow uses proven templates for the creation of product descriptions that are designed to present the most information in the easiest way for readers to absorb.

Clear and accurate product descriptions are also necessary for legal reasons. Inaccurate or even badly worded product descriptions can easily lead to years in court and thousands in legal fees. We avoid this problem by double verifying the details of our descriptions with our clients and requesting regular updates of any changes.

Once the features and audience are identified Up Arrow’s writers use an informal, simple tone to convey the information to readers. We understand that product descriptions are often the one piece of information about your product that causes the customer to purchase it. This means that they need to be clear and interesting to read.

Writing product descriptions is sometimes very difficult for business to do because they are too close to the product and have a tendency to try to sell the product in the description. This technique however usually fails as anyone intelligent enough to read the description is also smart enough to recognize a sales pitch. Instead, Up Arrow simply makes the descriptions as clear and understandable as possible and allows the customers to make the decision, a favor that customers appreciate a great deal.