Article Writing

Article Writing to Create Presence

The use of articles in Search Engine Optimization is often misunderstood. Articles are not blogs and are used for entirely different purposes. Articles are almost always either tutorial in nature or explanatory, i.e. they explain complex issues in simpler terms. The primary purpose of article creating and posting is to create back links to both your website and any blogs that you are maintaining, which also have back links. The more articles that are posted the more back links that you have and the more chances that they will be read, which increases your traffic potential.

Article types include:

  • General information articles
  • Targeted information articles
  • How-to articles
  • Historical articles

Unlike most SEO/SEM services Up Arrow Consulting concentrates more on quality articles than on posting a great quantity of articles. We do this simply because a poorly written or uninformative article is unlikely to be read and readers are unlikely to trust embedded links. While this method will increase your back links it will do nothing for the amount of traffic that you generate from the articles. When your articles are topical, well targeted with proper keyword and link distribution, Google ranking increases begin to happen faster and faster.

We here at Up Arrow know that every client needs to show a different footprint and we design a program of article creation and submission that is specifically tailored to their needs, based on an analysis of their websites past performance. Articles are part of the much larger content writing package, but are also the foundation that the rest of the package relies on for providing maximum exposure and the higher quality information, the higher quality of readers and potential customers. The secret it quality writing and a submission plan that covers all of the bases and keeps your website at the top of Google search results.